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Is Ignorance Really Bliss?
October 18, 2011, 6:25 pm
Filed under: So are the days of my life

This is something that people say, I think, without really considering what that means.  Is not knowing the truth really better than knowing?  Would you rather not know that your best friend is sleeping with your boyfriend?  Would you like your son to keep quiet about his drug addiction?  Somehow, I think not.

I’m faced with knowing something I’d be better off not knowing, yet now that I do, I feel I must take action.  Basically, a coworker is running her mouth about me, saying things that are flat-out untrue, for no particular reason.  And it’s not just me she’s talking about.

First, I don’t know what the hell I ever did to this lady.  I’ve only been nice to her, and I basically stay out of her way.  Sure, I’ve told people I would prefer not to be her friend, but I’ve not shared the private things she (drunkenly) told me, and I’ve absolutely not made up crap about her.

Once again, I’m in a position where I could get someone fired if I wanted to.  The ONE other time this happened, I knew if I opened my mouth, the guy would be gone. But I spoke to him about it, told him that I didn’t appreciate being the subject of his unfounded gossip, and that if I ever heard him say anything remotely like what I’d heard this time, he’d be out of a job.  The guy apologized profusely, repeatedly, and thanked me for my candor.  He knew how much trouble he’d be in, and he knew he was in the wrong.  Now, months later, I’m over it and he and I are friendly again. I understand that people like to gossip, I just don’t like being the subject.

This time, however, I didn’t overhear the offender, but was told by the friend who heard it directly.  My first question is, why the hell did this woman tell my friend these things? She knows we’re good friends, so how does she think that I wouldn’t hear it? Secondly, why the hell is she making shit up about me? There’s not an OUNCE of truth to it. WTF?

So either I keep my mouth shut and pretend I don’t want to slap this lady, or I confront her about it and she knows my friend ratted her out.  I’ve spoken to my friend about this, and she said I can talk to the liar about it, because it really just shows that she values her real friendships.

Basically, I really feel the need to tell this woman that she’d be best to keep her damn mouth shut. She’s the biggest gossip/shit-talker I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and someone’s got to put a stopper in that piehole of hers.  It’s been hard to not say anything before, when I’ve heard her talking about other people we work with, and now I’ve got real cause to do so.  I have to admit, the only reason I haven’t told other people the things she’s saying about them is because she would know it came from this friend of mine.

Hell, she’s probably hoping that I do make a big stink out of it so she gets fired and can collect unemployment.  Ugh.


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