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Girls Have Issues
November 1, 2011, 11:26 am
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Please Love Me, I Don’t Need Your Respect

Most Tuesday mornings, on an otherwise awful morning radio show, I hear a segment where a girl calls in to try to find out why a guy hasn’t asked her on a second date. The DJs are horribly annoying, but the interaction between the guy and girl is usually entertaining.

Love Me Please - Why Don't You Love Me? - Desperate GirlIn most cases the guy says the girl was a weirdo, or boring, or had some sort of fatal character flaw that made him just not that into her.  One thing I find interesting is that in most cases, these girls gave it up on the first date.  And, in most cases, that is a factor in why the guy hasn’t called her again.

I could get into rant about how screwed up it is that a guy will say a girl is too easy, when the guy was JUST AS EASY, but I’ll save that for another time.  What I have issue with today is the fact that over and over, these girls (as well as plenty of girls I know in real life) completely devalue themselves for a guy that they don’t even know.

Why Don’t You Love Me?

Case in point – the girl this morning didn’t understand why this guy with whom she had “a great connection” hasn’t called her.  When the DJs asked the guy what was up, he basically said she was too easy. They boned on the first date, which wasn’t challenging enough for him. And besides, she was “too into him.” After he tells his side of the story to the DJs, the girl is allowed to let the guy know she’s been listening.

Now here’s the kicker – after this dude basically calls her a desperate slut on a nationally syndicated radio show, she tells him she just doesn’t understand why they can’t go out again, and goes on and on about this “connection” between them that is just so obvious.  She’s not mad he’s said these less than polite things about her. She doesn’t stand up for herself and tell this self-righteous loser to fuck off. She begs him to give her another chance.

Desperate Girl Seeks Any Man

What is wrong with women these days? Why are so many of us so pathetically desperate to find a man that we even want the ones that treat us like dog shit on their shoe?  I mean, hell, it seems even a woman as successful and beautiful as Kim Kardashian is just a pathetic girl looking for a man to tell her she’s worth something. (If you need more explanation on that topic, visit a gossip site, because that’s as deep as my pop-culture analogy will get.)

My point is, a lot of modern women seem to be seriously lacking in self-worth and self-respect. I have to admit, I myself am included in this category on most days. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the choices I make, and I stand by those choices. However, I do think that in some instances, like a lot of women these days, I sell myself short.  I have to ask myself, am I just another desperate girl?


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