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7-day Juice Fast, Day 1
February 22, 2013, 9:36 pm
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7-Day Juice Fast – What It’s All About

Before I get into what today was like for me, let me get into the reasons why I’ve decided to do a juice fast, and why anyone might want to forgo food and drink veggie and fruit juice for a week.


Most people, when I tell them what I’m doing, look at me like I’m crazy. Then they immediately assume, due to the word “fast,” that I’m planning on starving myself. This is absolutely not the case. When doing a juice fast, you’re giving your body all the nutrients it needs, yet depriving it of calories. This causes your body to turn to your stored fat as an energy source. Not only will you burn fat on a juice fast, but you will cleanse your body, purging toxins that have built up over time.

Body detoxificationThe benefits from detoxifying with a juice fast are numerous. Below are just a few:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Improved digestion
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Mental clarity

Personally, I have a few goals in doing this fast. Most importantly, I want to do a good detox for my body. I have never done a cleanse or a fast before, so there are bound to be some toxins that I need to purge from my system. This, I’m hoping, will lead to clearer skin. I haven’t had clear skin since I was 15, and I’m very insecure about it. I’d love to be able to look in the mirror and see clean, radiant skin.

Secondly, I’d like to reduce my body fat a little. I’m by no means overweight, and am actually quite fit. So why do I want to lower my body fat? Quite simply, I want to be able to see my abs! I recently went to the gym with a friend of mine who has a full-on 12-pack, and I kicked his ass with my ab routine. Yet, I have a jiggly belly and he has washboard abs. Not far!

Thirdly, I’m hoping to kill my sugar cravings. As of now, I can’t go a day without some kind of candy, cookie, or sweet treat. It’s the biggest hindrance to my personal fitness by far. I’ve tried to ween myself off sugar; I’ve tried to quit cold turkey. Nothing has worked so far, and my attempts to quit have usually led to a massive binge. No bueno.

And finally, I just want to see if I can do it. I’ve always lacked in willpower (as I mentioned about sugar), and I believe it will be a good personal challenge for me.

Juice Fast – Day 1

Today was easier than I expected. I’m really surprised that I had enough energy to go to the gym. I also can’t believe I don’t have a headache. I’m hoping my detox symptoms aren’t as bad as I’ve heard they can be. Maybe my lack of detox misery can be attributed to my fairly healthy daily diet.

On the other hand, I am so beyond hungry I can barely stand it. I can’t stop thinking about food. I think it’s mostly psychological and I’m hoping it gets easier in the next few days.

One thing I didn’t expect is how unbelievably cold I am. Whether I drink the juice on ice or at room temperature, I am really freaking cold. Doesn’t help that it’s been snowing and frigid the last couple of days.

Tomorrow will be a challenge because I won’t have work to keep me occupied. I have a (hopeful) feeling it’s going to be a productive day.


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