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7-Day Juice Fast, Day 3
February 24, 2013, 9:19 pm
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Juice Fast Day 3 – Making Progress

Blizzard in Boulder County

It’s a Blizzard!!

Today was better than yesterday. I woke pretty early and felt refreshed. I was cold, but hey, there was a blizzard in progress so that’s expected. I took Chewy outside for a quick walk and potty trip and actually got pretty winded just walking up the stairs through all the snow. At that point I expected to have another day of lethargy, but surprisingly that wasn’t the case.

Once I got some juice in my system and put on about four layers of clothes, I actually managed to be productive. I got all of my laundry done (five loads!), my entire apartment cleaned, and went to the gym. I’m very surprised at the energy I had and that it sustained me throughout the day. And I’m incredibly excited that it seems I’m going to be able to keep my workouts going during this fast. I had to lower my weight amounts just a little, but I was able to complete a full upper body routine.

Again, today I really wanted food. I’m able to keep feelings of hunger away as long as I have a steady stream of juice, but still I want food. I’m thinking of every possible kind of food and imaging how it will taste and feel in my mouth. Truthfully though, I’m really looking forward to some simple beans and rice, and to experimenting with various versions and combinations. I do think eating simply and very clean will be easier after this fast. Something I noticed today: none of my obsessive food thoughts are of the sugary variety. I’m not thinking of candy, baked goods, or even (gasp!) chocolate. Already this feels like a victory.

I hope tomorrow goes well at work. I want to be focused and productive, so hopefully really diving into my work will keep the thoughts of eating at bay.


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Have you tried having a really sweet fruit juice when you have hunger pains? I just recently completed a 50 day juice fast and I found that a nice tall glass of pineapple juice seemed to do the trick for me!

Happy juicing!

Comment by gogreenstaylean

It’s not so much a physical feeling of hunger, it’s simply wanting food… Chewing it, tasting it, etc. Today was easier so hopefully each day the craving lets up a little bit. Thanks for the suggestion!

Comment by afieldinwhichtofrolic

It’s definitely a mind game. Glad to hear it’s getting easier, the end results are worth the suffering.

Comment by gogreenstaylean

Thanks for the encouragement! I agree, it’s already worth it.

Comment by afieldinwhichtofrolic

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