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7-Day Juice Fast – Day 6
February 28, 2013, 11:25 am
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Juice Fast Day 6 – Is This Over Yet?

Day six did not go as well as I’d hoped. In fact, I went to bed without even posting, so I’ll do my best to recapture what I was feeling.

I noticed after I got dressed that I must be dropping at least a little body fat. While I still can’t see a six-pack on myself, my pants fit more loosely and my little belly that I hate so much does seem to have shrunk a bit. I did take measurements of myself before I started, so at the end of this I will post the difference. I didn’t take a “before” picture because I’m not really a “post semi-naked pics of myself on the Internet” kind of girl, but now I wish I would have, for my own reference. Today (day seven) I do see a significant difference in my little belly, so it would have been nice to compare.

At work, I did not have a good day. I couldn’t focus on anything. In terms of self-control, day six was the hardest. I considered taking back my commitment to an eighth day. I even considered just quitting right then. But in the end I’ll stick with the full eight days. I am not, however, considering going any further than that.

I did manage to get to the gym, but I cut it short. I did a moderate ab routine and skipped the HIIT sprints I’d planned, instead opting for 10 minutes of walking on a treadmill. I really didn’t feel I could do any more, and by the time I got to my mom’s to pick up Chewy, I was regretting going at all.

By the end of the day, I’d reached the point of hunger where I was a grumpy, exhausted wreck. I went to bed at 8:30 and even had dreams all night long of trying not to eat, and then finding food in my mouth and desperately trying to spit it out.

Thinking back on it, I believe it got so out of hand yesterday because I let myself get a little dehydrated. I didn’t drink much water in addition to the juice, and I even forgot to drink my final bottle before I went home for the night.

Another thing that might have added to my misery yesterday is that I might be pre-menstrual. That’s another reason I’ll be breaking the fast on Saturday; not eating + PMS = nightmare scenario.

So the goal for day seven is to not get discouraged, and be sure to keep a steady stream of juice and water during the day. I’ve been allowing myself tea as well, because I need a way to stay warm, and green tea can help with the PMS.


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